The Call to Lessons by James Page

Lesson one, our bodies: Father Satan has created our bodies with his own essence. Father Satan has revealed to us the true chakra system and how to train our bodies. Father Satan has given us the ability to achieve Godhead, to make our bodies powerful temples, free from the herd mentality and it's deceitful, destructive practices. It is Father Satan's will that we develop the bodies he made for us.

Hail Satan! We give thanks and praise for his noble sacrifice and continued battle on our behalf!

Lesson Two, We are Those Within and the earth is our training ground. We are Father Satan's by sacred blood rite and formal dedication. Father will provide us with life lessons to make us strong while we are on this earth. We do not fear these lessons, we thank him for the opportunity to grow!

Hail Satan! We give thanks and praise for his lessons.

Lesson three, There are no mistakes only lessons. The enemy makes mistakes, Satanists learn lessons. The enemy has problems, Satanists have challenges. Father Satans prime directive is to GROW. Satanic growth is done outside the herd and fear has no place in Father's lessons. We Within do not fear for fear is the tool of the enemy! Fear is the killer of growth! We Within are risk takers and we experiment. We succeed or fail according to Father's will, what we need to learn, and our strength we have grown at the time. Forgiveness is a fear-tool of the enemy, we ask none, we choose right action instead and learn. We Within make no mistakes, we only learn lessons!

HAIL SATAN! We give him thanks and praise for all lessons, growth, and strength!

Lesson four, Father's training is repeated in unlimited forms until we learn what we need to learn! Father will use others on the Left Hand Path, Demons, Demonesses, and whoever, and whatever he wills. He will protect us from yahweh and the angels but we know it is our sacred duty to grow strong enough to protect ourselves and eventually destroy our enemies, seen and unseen. Fathers lessons go on until we reach Godhead and are repeated until learned!

HAIL SATAN! We give him thanks and praise for his continued training! We become stronger as we grow!

Lesson five, We grow by going within. As we are stronger than the herd Father expects us to WORK! Satan opens the doors but we must walk through. The answers we search for lie within us! We open our chakras, increase our bioelectricity, fight the herd and it's monster, and earn our place in Hells Army!

Hail Father Satan for providing all answers within us!

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