James Page

The bells have rung and the temples shine
Sweet, lucious grapes swell purple on the vine
In the place that was
The Peacock King strolls magesticly
In more colors than mere human eyes can see
In the place thats his
There are women of face and form so fine
Their Demonic glow is unreached by time
They stroll on streets of blue tile and light
Strangers to fear with eyes as bright
As a sunrise of wondrous orange and gold
That kisses a nurturing land
As a Sunsets magenta, within flames of red
Painted by Satan's unseen hand
They live in his place
Under domes of tile, perfect white and blaze red
hills of green a multi-hue
I saw orchards of dates and almonds
Far lakes of purple and blue
A place of health and growth back then
A place I dreamed I once had been
Our place was known

Dante Kun

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