I used to walk in shadows, I used to feel restraint
I used to look for meadows, so green in coloured paint
My life was full of sadness, I used to be suppressed
Though felt a grain of gladness, deep down inside my chest
I knew it was maturing, just waiting to burst out
The voice inside me warning, of those who are without
I had to seek the Serpent, to give me hidden learning
He knew I would be servant, of Hell and all concerning

I finally turned my back, on yahweh and his angels
For all they did was hack, truth from the Demonsí Sigils
For Enki is our Father,
He gives us strength to fight
Black Magick is the answer, to crush that xian might

Nazarene and his sheep, will lose the final battle
With Satan we will beat, the Hell out of that cattle

Blood Dedicated I, am yours for life and more
Hellís soldiers we stand by, just open up that door
The war will soon be won, Hellís warriors over sheep
They now will start to run, our knowledge is too deep
So let this be our calling, the Dividerís now a

The Right Hand Path is falling, Hail Satan Stands

To all my Brothers and Sisters

-Grondwitch !

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