Poem by James Page

Whirlwind night of rapture and metal blood
Predates yahwe the lier, noah, the flood
Of nine Rebel Orders he is mighty in two
He chose a Left Hand Path, sliced the stars as he flew
Twenty two legions await his Demonic Command
Emerald eyes glow the sky, illuminating all land
Ebony wings for velvet night, a demon grizzly on ground
He carresses an alabaster viper, a three headed hound
A great King of the Darkside, a warrior for Our One
He knows the past and the future, all battles are won
He knows secret locations where treasure's buried deep
He commands ruby crystals of summoning, cold elixer of sleep
His ebon armored troops are willing, jeweled commanders all loyal
Each battle hard won, plants the Left in sweet soil
His Mansion is blue diamond, his silver throne most ornate
Fierce gargoyles of red crystal adorn his fired bronze gate
He hears music in each planet, each fusion lit star
As bold Demons with ancient weapons fly swift and most far
War within many dimensions rages wild all about
Brave Purson holds the netherworlds, refusing to route

James Page

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