The Satanic Warriors Dedication
James Page

I need no parents: Satan is my creator, Hell's Army my brothers and sisters, the earth my birthright, the dimensions known and unknown mine to travel at will!

I need no home: Satanic knowledge is my home, the chakras guide me home, meditation leads me home, Father Satan is my home.

I need no fear: Fear is the tool of the enemy so I do not give in to fear. I face fear and let it pass untill there is only me. I do not fear life or death , I do not fear the herd, those without, nor their herders.

I need not seek divine power: Father Satan has already provided divine power within me, I have the responsibility to earn it and grasp it!

I need seek no miracles: I am a miracle by Satanic design!

I need no herd principals: Satanic Right Action in all things becomes my guiding principal!

I need no earthly weapons: My weapons are Fathers weapons, unbound by earthbound mind or thought. Let the herd tremble!

I need no earthly tactics: The most powerful tactics are Fathers and he has made them part of me!

I need no earthbound mind: My Enki-given mind is my Fathers greatest gift, it is my armor, my tactics, my castle, my sword, it cuts without mercy through the herd-bound mind!

Satanist by choice and free will! my blood on the pledge! I hereby dedicate myself as a warrior for Satan and a soldier in Hells Army! I ask for nothing but the chance to earn my place within it's sacred ranks!


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